How To Start Your Own Detergent Manufacturing Business

Suppliers of detergents and soaps certainly have found themselves a great market to cater to. Every household, school, hospital, catering business, and other establishments need to clean their surroundings on a daily basis and require cleaning products in order to stay hygienically clean and with our assistance you can turn newly acquired skills in the industry into a lucrative business for yourself.

At Trimo Training and Consulting we present the market with a course that will teach you how to make and utilise detergent making chemicals and form products that are required by every house and home. Any soap manufacturer will need to learn the various recipes and formulations involved in creating certain detergent and cleaning products and this is where our course comes in handy.

Detergent Manufacturing Course in Randfontein:

Course Dates: 29 May OR 13 June 2020.
Course Price: R5100.

Course content and what to expect:

The first thing you can expect to learn on our course is how to handle the chemicals that make up detergents. You will learn a vast variety of detergent formulations which you should familiarise yourself with – you can take manuals with detailed formulas home with you for your own reference after your course.

If your goal is to become a wholesale detergent supplier then you will certainly find the rest of our course content to be useful. We will teach you more than just how to mix certain formulas. You will learn about labelling your products correctly, quality control procedures, sample testing, how to use tables of values, how to store your products, how to work with percentages, how to achieve the correct PH levels and even how to make use of dyes and perfumes that are often required. When it comes to raw materials; you will be provided with details on where and how to obtain these.

Our course will also ensure that you are fully prepared for any marketing and advertising opportunities that might come your way. Making a success of your business is easy when we provide you with guidance on branding, mark ups, packaging, financing and so much more. We will also provide you with a marketing manual that you can take home with you.

You will find that many of the soaps and detergents you will learn to make are those that you use on an everyday basis.Large mixer These include but are not limited to dishwashing liquid, air freshener, tile cleaner, toilet disinfectant, pine gel, Handy Andy, fabric softener, general purpose cleaner, drain cleaner and so much more. While all of these can be quite easily mixed by hand, we will teach you how to make your own detergent manufacturing machine. Alternatively you can purchase one from us, at a cost-effective rate, after your course, for your convenience.

Enquire about our detergent manufacturing course at Trimo Training and Consulting – we are standing by to teach you a skill that will earn you an income on an ongoing basis.

A limited number of businesses that manufactures good quality soap and detergents are operating in South Africa, which makes manufacturing of soaps and detergents the ideal business to start from home. 

We do not only provide the opportunity to start a business, we also provide the training and the product formulations needed for manufacturing purposes so that you get the best start possible with your new business. 

You will know where to purchase the raw materials needed to run your business successfully and should a problem arise after training we are a phone call away.

Manufacturing your soaps and detergents will not cost you a lot of money if you have the right formula (also called recipe) and equipment to manufacture the products. The machine needed to manufacture all of these products are easily available and cost effective.

Most people think that the words detergents and soaps are used only for cleaning the house, but that is far from true, it also includes hair products, baby products, car products, laundry products, anything that cleans anything that is cleaned on a regular basis.  

This opportunity gives you the freedom to become a business owner and be your own boss. To assist you with marketing, a free marketing course manual is included.

Detergent Mixing Machines:

210 Liter Detergent Mixing Machine (R 9000.00 does not include Mixing bucket).

20 Liter Detergent Mixing Machine (R 2000.00 does not include Mixing bucket).  

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