House and Home Detergents

Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners are used to freshen air in various places throughout the home. Air Freshener hides odours and is used to create fresh smelling living areas. Air fresheners are used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Air freshener removes stale smells, even the smell of cigar and cigarette smoke and other unpleasant smells.

Air fresheners are also used to introduce floral or other fragrances into the air thereby introducing a specific odour which is especially pleasing to the occupants of the room.  An example of the use of introducing a specific smell is when air freshener is used to create a specific mood such as a romantic setting. Air fresheners are usually stored in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room if used in and around the home.

Automatic Dishwasher Detergent for use in your Automatic dishwashing machine.  

Not all homes have the luxury of automatic dishwashers but more and more people are purchasing dishwashers because it saves time. Dishwasher detergent products rinse, dry and ultimately clean dishes and even the dishwasher itself!   Specific products are made for Automatic dishwasher s which means that normal dishwashing liquid cannot be used in dishwashing machines.  Usually it is more convenient to purchase and use an automatic dishwasher if both husband and wife work, therefore automatic dishwashing detergent  is also in demand.

Black Dip similar to “Jeys Fluid”  

Black dip which is similar to "Jeys Fluid" is an effective cleaning solution for outdoor cleaning. It removes dirt, oil stains and algae from concrete stones and walls as well as removing dirt on paved areas.  It is also used as a disinfectant for cleaning sheds and garden tools.  Some people use it to clean chicken houses and it is reputed to even kill the Bird Flu H5N1 virus.

Blue disinfectant for toilets (thick).

Bottle Cleaner for disinfecting bottles.

Brick and stone cleaner for use around the house.

Carpet shampoo.

Cockroach Killer (to kill cockroaches and ants).

Degreaser for garage and home.

Deo Blocks for use in toilets.


Dishwashing detergent similar to “Sunlight liquid”.

Drain Cleaner to open blocked drains.

Dry Oven Cleaner.

Fabric Softener similar to “stasoft” used  to soften the clothes after washing it.

Floor polish Remover.

Floor Wax remover.

General Purpose Cleaner for hard to clean areas.

Germicidal disinfectant.

Germicidal Sanitiser/Disinfectant , kills all germs.

Glass rinse aid to make sure that all glassware shines.

Home Disinfectant for general disinfecting of floors and other  areas of the home.

Household Ammonia.

Household Bleach.

Household Bleach to disinfect and bleach clothing and dish cloths.

Liquid furnisher polish similar to “Mr Min”.

Liquid Hand Soap for bathroom Dispensers used to wash hands.

Liquid Oven Cleaner.

Liquid Wax floor polish.

Metal polish for silver.

Non scratch cleaner for all surfaces.

Non-scratch Liquid Cleaner (Ammoniated) Oven cleaner.

Oven Cleaner (Type 2).

Pine Disinfectant to disinfect the home.

Pine furnisher polish.

Pine Gel.

Powder Carpet Cleaner.

Product similar to  “handy Andy” for cleaning baths, stoves, etc.

Product similar to “Jik”.

Rubbles wax floor polish.

Scouring powder similar to “Vim”.

Super Ammonia.

Super Ammoniated cream for cleaning pots, and floors that are  very dirty.

Thick Liquid Dishwashing Detergent for washing dishes.

Tile Cleaner for beautiful wall and floor tile cleaning.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner (alkaline).

Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Acid Based).

Wax polish similar to “Cobra” wax polish.

Wax Stripper.

Window Cleaner to clean windows.